Oak City Niners: FAQ

What do I need in order for my child to play?

  • ORIGINAL Birth Certificate for NEW PLAYERS ONLY.
  • Current PYFL Physical (ALL PLAYERS & CHEERLEADERS) This is mandatory.**
  • **Physical Examinations: Each Player and Cheerleader must have a physical exam prior to the start of the season before they are allowed to participate in any practices. The physical examination must be recorded and signed by a Medical Doctor on the PYFL Physical Form between January and the start of practice for the year.

What are the practice and game schedules?

Organized Team Activities (OTA) start in June with training camp in July. Exact dates will be posted to the team calendar as well as the Titans team communications app. Practices are scheduled at the same time, usually early evening. Conference rules do not allow any practice to be conducted after 8:30 PM.

Practice sessions are not allowed to be longer than two hours. During the month of August, teams may practice up to six days a week, two hours per day. Full attendance is expected. Once games begin, practice is limited to four days per week.

All Niners football teams practice on the Thousand Oaks High School practice fields. Access and parking is available via entrance from Moorpark & Las Flores. Home games are played at Thousand Oaks High School. For more info on the other chapters in our league, visit www.PYFL.com. All games are played on Saturdays. Games are scheduled as early as 8:00AM, and as late as 8:00PM. The regular season consists of 8 games with one bye. Playoffs begin after the season, (not every team will make the playoffs) and the PYFL Superbowl will be held on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving.

VERY IMPORTANT: Game schedules often change. You should check the pyfl.com web site for last minute changes.

What team will I be on?

Your child will be placed on the team according to their age and weight

What equipment is provided by the Titans?

  • Helmet with face mask and chin strap with hard plastic chin guard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Practice & Game Pants with hip, tail, thigh and knee pads
  • Practice jersey
  • Game jersey

What equipment do I need to purchase?

  • Mouth guards with keeper strap
  • Athletic cup supporter
  • Football cleats
  • Water bottle

What equipment is not provided, not mandatory, but nice to have?

A 'girdle'. This is an undergarment that has places to put pads - it's a little easier than putting the pads in the pants. Also, depending on your child's position, you may consider forearm pads, or gloves.

What does "full pads" mean?

Full pads means everything….Helmet, shoulder pads, cup, pants with all pads, and cleats. Also, please don't forget the belt. Warning: pants may come down without a belt!
My son has an terrible headache from his helmet. Can I ask the coach to make it looser? Tight is GOOD! Loose is BAD. The headaches will go away after the player aclimates to it. As soon as they are issued helmets, they should begin wearing them around the house for 15 minutes or so at a time.

What is "Certification"?

Certification is the process by which the PYFL verify's each players age, weight and address. Certification will be held in August.(Please check the Niners Handbook for the exact date) Certification is MANDATORY for every football player. CERTIFICATION IS ONLY HELD ONCE, AND YOU MAY NOT MISS IT. IF YOU MISS CERTIFICATION, YOU WILL NOT PLAY.

What level will my child play on?

The PYFL uses a combination of weights and age to place players in their proper divisions. The weight chart is listed under Divisions, click here.

When are sign-ups?

There are two steps:

  1. register on line by clicking here
  2. bring your child to one of the in person registration - Please check the Niners Handbook for the exact dates

What are the registration fees?
FOOTBALL: $399 ($50 Discount for Siblings) Fee includes game & practice jerses, belt, team photo, trophy and equipment usage. All equipment is the property of the Niners and must be returned immediately upon request.

CHEER: $199 registration fee, plus cheer uniform